Granada was the capital of the Emirate of Granada, the last Muslim state in Europe. The palace of La Alhambra is the most renowned building of the stunning Islamic historical legacy, besides the district of Albayzín, a completely different world within the city.

Granada is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain range in western Europe after the Alps, with incredible Cols and landscapes to ride and the Europe’s southernmost Sky resort.

The city center is just at 45km from the top of the Pico Veleta, at an elevation of 3.394m and considered one of the longest, hardest and most challenging climbs in the world, completely cyclable by the North side thorugh the highest paved road in Europe.

The Sierra de Huétor Natural Park is just a few kilometers Northeast of the city center, being a natural balcony over the valley of Granada. This mountain range covered in pine, cedar and fir forests, with amazing views of Sierra Nevada and the omnipresent Pico Veleta, contains dozens of kilometers and routes of just perfect gravel.