GRANADA, 04/SEP/2022





Granada is one of the most important cities in Andalusia, located at the foot of Sierra Nevada and close to the Mediterranean coast.

The Alhambra is the most renowned building of the Islamic historical legacy with its many cultural attractions that make Granada a popular destination among the tourist cities of Spain.


It is a natural plain in the northern part of the province of Granada surrounded by Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Baza.

The erosion combined with the nature of its geology over millions of years give an amazing landscape plenty of gullies and badlands that leds to the largest concentration of cave houses in Europe.


The large gullies and colourful sandstone formations make the Gorafe Desert one of the most amazing landscapes in Europe.

The village of Gorafe is located on steep folds in the earth which culminate in a high cliff crowned by stone walls. The area is recognized also by the one of the highest concentration of dolmens in Europe.


Located in the province of Almería, the Tabernas Desert is considered officially the only desert on the whole European continent.

The semiarid Mediterranean climate, a rainfall less than 250mm per year and an average temperature over 17°C form its landscape, a Mediterranean type sand covered gullies known as Badlands.


The Cabo de Gata Natural Park is located in the southeast Mediterranean coast, and it is one of Europe’s most unusual landscape.

The place is characterised by volcanic rock formationsfossil beachesabandoned villages and a windswept landscape. The route follows the popular 10km-long gravel road ALP-822 along the coast.


Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain range in Western Europe after the Alps, even higher than The Pyrenees.

It contains La Alpujarra, a historical region with some of the most remote and picturesque villages in Andalusia.

The Veleta Pass, at an elevation of 3.212m, is considered one of the longest, hardest and most challenging climbs in the world.



Badlands is the bikepacking off-road adventure on the edge of Europe, with about 750km and +15.000m, crossing the only official deserts in mainland Europe, the wild coast of Cabo de Gata and Sierra Nevada.



Badlands is designed from our love to gravel, self-sufficiency, bikepacking, the mountains, the deserts and the sea. We just wanted to put all together at the same event. After a few years and many km of exploration, the result is Badlands.

The route is around 85% off-road, most of it without special technical difficulties, both Gravel and MTB are welcome anyway.

Badlands is a set-route event, this means you must complete the official route from the start to the finish line. If you abandon the route for any reason, you must restart the ride from where left off.
The official track will be sent to the registered riders some weeks before the start.

The elevation gain is an issue to be considered. Just after the start in Granada the route goes into Sierra Nevada, one of the highest mountain range in Europe. After descending to Gorafe, the route reaches again 2.000m height, and after taking the coast in Cabo de Gata it climbs again to Sierra Nevada, with a total gain around 15.000m.

About the weather, be ready for both extremes. Please take in consideration you’ll ride through deserts at temperatures close to 40C but also overnight beyond 2.000m close to 0C.

If you prepare the route properly you won’t have any problems to find water and food enough en-route. But remember, try to ride with enough autonomy and to fill your bottles whenever you have the chance.

It is prohibited to book services that you will use in Badlands before the start, this includes accommodation. Everything you need during the event can only be booked by your once it starts.

. 03/Sep/2022 13:00. Accreditation and briefing
. 04/Sep/2022 08:00. Official start
. 09/Sep/2022 20:00. Time limit

Ask local people, use your GPS device or find the route with your mobile…but don’t call home or any base-camp. This is self-sufficiency, use your own power and resources to find the right way.

Try to fix it by yourself. If this is not possible go to a bike shop using any kind of transport, and after the repair go back to the same point you took the transport from.

Following the bikepacking events tradition, there is no prize for the fastest rider but the honour of being first. Remember that Badlands is not a race. This is a personal ride against the clock, not against others.

You must have valid liability, death, accident and health insurance valid during the event, covering emergency extraction and repatriation insurance.
You must be also at least 18 before the start.

Granada is one of the most populous cities in Andalusia.
The Granada Airport is close to the city center and well connected by Bus.
Granada is also connected with Madrid by Train and Bus, and with Málaga by Bus.