The Gorafe Desert is located in the Granada Geopark, a natural plain plenty of gullies and badlands in the northern part of the province of Granada.

The Granada Geopark, with a landscape deeply marked by the erosion of the basins of the Rivers Fardes and Guadix, is one of the oldest human settlements in the Iberian Peninsula, containing the largest concentration of cave dwellings and dolmens in Europe.

The picturesque village of Gorafe stands at the bottom of the Gor Canyon and it is considered the entrance to the desert. 

Los Coloraos is one of the most popular areas of the desert, owing its name to the predominant red colour and its similarity to the Grand Canyon.

Although the sunset and the sunrise are probably the best moments to enjoy the amazing landscape and the dynamic shapes of the Gorafe Desert, the area also offers a spectacular night sky.