Our partner 226ERS shares how to takle Badlands by using some of their products available in the accreditation

For a trial as tough as Badlands, ongoing hydration and nourishment are as important to take into account as your physical condition when it comes to reaching the finishing line. In the same way in which it would be impossible to achieve this goal without training, it is impossible to complete the trial without giving the body what it needs.


In this respect, we must begin by talking about sodium. This mineral, commonly known as salt, is the one we lose at the fastest rate when undertaking physical exercise, which is why we must bear in mind that, for every litre of water, we must take a gram of sodium at the same time in order to have a balanced ratio of liquid and salt.

We must also take into account that almost all foods and sports supplements provide sodium, in which respect we must design our strategy by adding up these different amounts.

We must also remember that not all of us lose the same amounts of sodium, and if we add other factors such as outside temperature, humidity, our level of effort and the clothes we are wearing, then the degree to which we sweat can vary.

Sodium tends to be replaced in different ways and in different formats, including capsules, electrolytes dissolved in water, chewable products or the contents of certain gels, gumdrops and bars. They all provide small amounts of sodium, which we must take into account when calculating the total amount we need.

The most interesting product from 226ERS is HYDRAZERO, because this consists of a hypotonic drink that contains 500 mg of sodium, in which respect you can carry a 500 ml or 750 ml bottle so that you can eat and drink on your bike without any need to ingest additional water to help you digest your food. This option precludes the need to carry water with you.

Another highly recommendable option consists of our double-format SUB9 SALTS ELECTROLYTES capsules, either containing ginger in order to enhance digestion or with caffeine in order to be able to pedal all night. These capsules each provide 250 mg of sodium and they must be taken with water.

The last format to be incorporated into the product family consists of our CHEW SALTS, whose great appeal is the fact that you can carry them in your maillot or in your cycle bag, for example, and you can chew on them for a good while, as they have a very pleasant lemon flavour. They provide 200 mg of sodium per tablet.

Bars, gels and gumdrops are the ideal complement when drinking HYDRAZERO, providing additional amounts of sodium in a pleasant way in order to complete your daily nourishment for Badlands. Taking just one product could be monotonous and boring, which is why it is always better to offer the body and mind a combination of options.

How to take carbohydrates

The 15.000m of positive altitude gain gradually wear down all participants in the Badlands trial, which is why it is absolutely essential to replace carbohydrates in order to be able to continue pedalling in optimum condition.

A good strategy for such a long trial is to opt for a medium carbohydrate replacement rate rather that a high replacement rate, thus avoiding gastric problems, because you may reach a point in which your digestive system is incapable of assimilating so much food in the form of carbohydrates. This strategy would be based on ingesting between 40 and 80 grams of carbohydrates per hour (the lowest rate would be between 20 and 40 grams, and the highest rate between 80 and 120 grams).

By adopting this low or medium ingestion rate, you allow your stomach to work under less pressure. What is more, it means you have to carry much less weight in order to refuel.

If you take between 20 and 40 grams of carbohydrates, you must train your body in advance, because at some point it may feel empty, in which respect you must teach your body to metabolize fats in order to provide sufficient energy for your activity level.

The ideal products for this low-ingestion strategy consist of our ISOTONIC DRINK (18 g), a RACE DAY BAR (25 g) and an ISOTONIC GEL (22 g).

If you pursue a medium-ingestion strategy, which is the most appropriate, you must combine different sources in order not to saturate the body, such as, for example, our ENDURANCE FUEL BAR or VEGAN OAT BAR with HIGH ENERGY GEL and/or liquids such as our ISOTONIC DRINK or ENERGY DRINK, depending on the amount you wish to ingest at any given moment.

There are many different products you can take, and it is not a bad idea to include some small change as a kind of personal ‘reward’. If you are using gels, you can exchange them for a VEGAN GUMMY or if you are using RACE DAY bars, you can complete your breakfast with a VEGAN OAT BAR in order change textures, as well as to ensure that your stomach works differently in relation to the products you are ingesting.

Find your best nutritional formula: the one you are most comfortable with, the one you have trained your body to accept, and the one that entails bringing the smallest weight in terms of refuelling products. Bear in mind, too, that something always falls or is lost along the way.

Consult 226ERS.com in order to check out everything you need.

Enjoy the journey!