It seems we have some changes for this year, how is that?
Absolutely. Since last year we had in mind to include a new section around the beautiful town of Alboloduy, in Almería. Also, actually since the very first edition, we wanted to add the incredible col of Alto de Velefique, but beyond this we didn’t have other goals, so the rest happened in a natural way.

What was different in the scouting this year?
Well, the scouting itself is just about discovering new places, so it was as incredible as always. The point is that every year we have more information and more feedback, so this helps us to update the track.
As a result, this year the route will be a bit shorter in Gorafe Desert but longer in Cabo de Gata and Tabernas Desert. There are about 150km totally new, some of them have been already tested by some experienced friends (Enough Cycling, Team Amani, No Borders, Komoot Women’s Rally) and the feedback couldn’t be better… we are really excited with the new route.

Tell us more about that loop of Alboloduy
It starts quite before that town, with an incredible rambla after the village of Las Alcubillas, close to Tabernas. Once you get to Alboloduy, the route will bring you through the spectacular Rambla de los Yesos, until the town of Rágol. All these towns and ramblas are new in the route, and they are amazing. The Province of Almería is just crazy.

What about Velefique?
Alto de Velefique (1.719m) is one of the most iconic and beautiful cols in Spain. Following the route, it’s located after Calar Alto Observatory (2.168m), in Sierra de los Filabres (Almería). Even more, the town of Velefique, located at the bottom of the mountain range, is also one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia, so we just had to find the way to include this incredible descent.

And not “Los Pedrolos” anymore?
Well, not this year but who knows for the next editions. For those who don’t know Los Pedrolos, it’s a very rocky climb after Almería, one of the hardest of the route because of the rough terrain. It won’t be included this year, but instead of it we have more ramblas, and even more total elevation gain than in the last editions… also some other surprises, but let’s wait for the event!