. 02/Sep/2023. Accreditation and briefing
. 03/Sep/2023 08:00. Official start
. 08/Sep/2023 08:00.
Time limit


The places available are limited due to the fragility of this environment and its limited resources.

To register you must fill the Application following the dates below. If the number of applications received exceeds the places available there will be a draw among them. You can only apply once and only for one category (Solo or Pair). Duplicated applications will be removed.

Riders selected will be notified by email to complete and pay the registration during a limited period. Registrations or payments after this date will be rejected. Riders not-selected will also be notified and included in the waitlist. Besides the draw, Badlands reserves a number of places to cover all commitments associated with the organisation.

. 10/Nov 20:00 – 15/Nov 20:00. Applications open
. 18/Nov 20:00. Official draw
. 20/Nov 00:00 – 25/Nov 20:00. Registration and Payment



SOLO: 280€ / PAIR: 550€ (VAT incl.).

The fee includes: Tracker rental, Official cap, Welcome Pack, T-Shirt, Official Track, Handbook, Control and media cars, Live real time satellite tracking and an environmental tax of 10€. The fee must be paid by bank transfer.


The route is about 800km +16.000m. The organisation will send the Handbook and the track files to the registered riders some weeks before the start.

Please read carefully our Rules and FAQs, you must comply strictly with them to preserve the integrity of Badlands.


In case you want to use your participation in Badlands for commercial purposes you need a Media License (ML). The purpose is to control the unsupported spirit of Badlands and to preserve the support of the official sponsors that make it possible.

The ML is not required when you tag your sponsors in your own SM, but in other cases, such as sharing your content with them or bringing your own media staff, you must apply for the ML contacting to info@badlands.cc before 31/May/2023, explaining the project and the brands involved. Please be aware that the number of MLs is limited. The applications could be refused.


Our Refunds Policy is as flexible as the organization of these kind of events allows due to the commitments with suppliers, media team, logistics and other main issues needed. It will be strictly applied, please check it out before the registration.

Please be aware that due to the limited number of places available, the entries are not deferrable.